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BU23 Final Results & Competition Pictures

Final Results Joel Makin bt Richie Fallow (3-1) Elis Lazarus vs Kace Bartley (3-2) Does this make Elise Lazarus one of the youngest BU23 winners?!!! Well played Lazarus..      


B23 2017 Semi Final Results

Boys Joel Makin bt Joe Broke (3-0) Richie Fallow bt Ashley Davies (3-0) Girls Elis Lazarus vs Alicia Mead (3-1) Kace Bartley bt Jasmine Hutton (3-1) In the Semi Final Richie Fallow vs Joel Makin Elis Lazarus vs Kace Bartley NB Who are the girls staring at? Elise vs Alice:)    


B23 2017 Quarter Final Results

Boys Joal Makin bt Adam Cocoran (3-0) Joe Brooke bt Harry Falconer (3-0) Ashley Davies bt Gus Beecroft (3-0) Richie Fallow bt Nick Wall (3-0) Girls Elise Lazarus bt Lily Taylor (3-0) Alicia Mead bt Charlotte Jagger (3-0) Jasmine Hutton bt Mari Taylor (3-1) Kace Bartley bt Alice Green (3-0)   In the Semi Final…

2016 BU23 Poster

2017 BU23 Draws & Schedules

2017 BU23 – Men’s Main Draw 2017 BU23 – Men’s Monrad Draw (3rd – 8th) 2017 BU23 – Men’s Monrad Draw (9th – 16th) 2017 BU23 – Women’s Main Draw 2017 BU23 – Women’s Monrad Draw