2016 BU23 Poster

2016 British U23 – Equal Prize Money, Equal Tins

2016 British U23 – Equal Prize Money, Equal Tins…………

This seasons Under 23 National Championships has been updated to reflect the key improvements that have been made in the women’s game on the PSA circuit…………equal prize money, and both categories playing on a 17” tin.

Hunts County SC will again draw the finest young talent Britain has to offer to the tiny village of Hemingfod Grey in Cambridgeshire. Our aim with the contemporary format is to create the most exciting and fair Championships to date, and really encourage the best female players to compete at the event.

April 8th – 10th are the main draw dates for this year’s event, and further details can be found at the following sites:

Entry: http://www.englandsquashandracketball.com/competitions/1799

Info: http://www.thesquashsportsacademy.com/

Contact: colin@theuksportsacademy.co.uk

Colin Griggs.

BU23 Tournament Director.

Head Coach – The Sports Academy @ Hunts County SC.