National Championships and Sports Academy Pupils Success

National Championship are played in Birmingham Edgbaston and University of Birmingham.
8 Cambridgeshire Juniors represented the county, 7 of which are Sports Academy Pupils.

Darice was unseeded entering this tournament. Her first round match was against a 5/8 seed. A Yorkshire Girl who was ranked 10 in England. Darcie had a shaky start but after winning the second game 18/16 she went on the win the last two 11/4! Her second round match again, against a seed was very close. She lost 3/1 with two out of the four matches going to 12/10 and a third 11/9. A valiant effort. Her next match – again another seed she won relatively easily 3/0. 4th match was tough. Another close 3/1 loss meant her last match of the tournament was for position 11/12. She had a huge battle but unfortunately lost 11/8 in the fifth. So – a well deserved 12th place for Darcie. A great achievement considering Darcie was not seeded at all.

Aramelia Prothero played unseeded in the u15 girls draw. She did very well in the first round and beat Eleanor White 3:1. She went on to enjoy some very challenging matches in the main draw, finishing 15th overall. A very encouraging result for her first ever gold tournament!!

Malik after wining his first match Alex Mullis of Buckinghamshire, He played number 5 seed Hassan Khallil lost 3:0. Third round he played 12 seed Luca Campbell-Wynter, which was tough match; Although wining the first game, he lost the 3rd game 12:10 finally he lost 3:1 but close. Fourth round BU11 number 1, BU13 14th seed Abdallah Eissa won 3:2. Last final game Daniel Neill 16th seed just one seed above Malik. This last game was the toughest 40min, finally finding the space and getting his straight shoots tighter and deeper he has won 3:2.

Special thank you for Colin and Rob for supporting the County Juniors.

Cambridgeshire Players

Darcie Mounter (GU15) 10th
Malik Bilen (BU13) 13th
Emily Fuller (GU19) 13th
Aramelia Prothero (GU15) 15th
Thomas Ramsay (BU13) (17- 32) finish
Harry Robson (BU13) (17- 32) finish
Ellis Miller (GU15) (17- 32) finish
Casey Miller (GU17) (17- 32) finish